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Himalayan Salt Block Cleaning

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Here are some helpful tips for Himalayan salt block cleaning:

1. Allow the salt block to cool all the way down.

2. Set the salt block down near a water source.

3. Use a wet sponge, light scouring pad, or a kitchen towel to wipe away or work off any adhered material. Wiping lightly will clean up the block fairly nicely and will remove only a minute amount of salt from its surface. Turn the block on its side and continue to clean. Keep the block on a solid surface so it doesn’t become fatiguing and you don’t drop the block in the sink or somewhere else damaging it or the surface it collided with.

4. No detergent is necessary. Though if you really must, you could get away with a small amount of degreaser in a container of water and not straight onto the surface of the block. It cuts the cleaning time by more than half, and it doesn’t effect the block.

5. Dry the block and put away somewhere dry.

6. If your block is overly covered with carbonized material, consider using more oil with that foot type so that it doesn’t adhere to the surface of the block. You’ll get use to working with the hot surface and clean up will become easier.


Using a damp sponge or cloth and wiping away the buildup is the best way. It does take some time in some cases especially if food has really carbonized on the surface.



Do not put your salt block under the faucet  for any reason. We don’t want to add any water to block. It will dissolve the surface of the block and produce a low spot even with a few seconds of exposure.



No detergent is necessary for Himalayan salt block cleaning. Though you could get away with a small amount of degreaser. I don’t use anything, with the small amount of water the salt will come up and relieve you of the cooked on food. I do use my spatula to clean off food so it doesn’t sit and carbonize on the block while cooking. Try to keep the block clean after batches. When cleaning the block it may be easier to just set it down on the countertop over a towel and wipe it there. Considering how heavy the block is you probably won’t want to hold it with one hand and wipe with the other if you have a lot of accumulation on the surface.  It will be safer as you won’t drop it into your fancy sink.


And for heaven sakes don’t put in the dishwasher!!! The dishwasher will see to the destruction of your block. Clearly is running water isn’t any good for it than a lot of hot running water will be worse.



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