Salt Block Recipe - Bacon Wrapped Green Beans - Himalayan Salt
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Salt Block Recipe – Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

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While this isn’t much of a recipe, it is time however to give veggies a little salt block attention. No doubt you’re planning on serving something other than meat with your meat?! So here is a quick addition that can be flavored up deliciously on the salt block and adds to its use, instead of a pan.

Pick some nice beans out, rinse and cut the ends if necessary. Grab up some fresh bacon and wrap a small pile of beans. The bacon will cook quickly on the block and tighten its hold on the beans. I couldn’t leave good enough alone and had to add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to them, which adds a lovely flavor.  Once the bacon browns up, the beans are done, cook until they are the way you like them.

You can also cook thinly cut carrot stems the same way or even mix them with your beans. Cut them the same width and they’ll cook in about the same amount of time. Asparagus will also work as well as any other veggie cut in similar fashion.

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