Salt Block Cooking Equipment - Himalayan Salt
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Salt Block Cooking Equipment

The following are the salt block cooking support items that have been listed throughout these pages that have been recommended as useful, helpful or just worthwhile. The links are affiliate links and if you click them we get a very small commision. However, the only reason that items are listed here is that we own them and have used them and found them to be worth mentioning. This we hope, should save you some time and effort and possibly some money in your efforts to obtain help producing wonderful food. Let us know if you have issues with any of them as we’d like to know. Just a side note about Amazon, if you order things from them you should consider their Prime program. By paying the annual fee, one of the simplest things is to get Free 2 Day shipping. I personally cannot stand to pay shipping, and with all the products they have, and that I want, getting  free, 2 day shipping, is just awesome. We added the link because we have saved thousands of dollars in shipping….alright we order a lot from them.
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Himalayan Salt Blocks

Here is the salt block used in a lot of the videos found on this site. Obviously a solid performer. The size is right, at 8 inches square that gives you enough surface area to get your cook on. You’ll eventually want  a larger surface area, however,  I wouldn’t recommend a larger block. If you have the cooking area for it, use more smaller blocks instead of one large one. Smaller ones are easier to replace.

Oven Mitts – Puppet Type, NSF Certified (Nomex, Kevlar)

These mitts are NSF certified and are going to keep your hands safe. With the puppet style, you’ll have a better grip if you have to move the block. You get what you pay for and there’s no fooling around with a 400-500˚f salt block. Nomex and Kevlar make these mitts highly insulated.

Cooking Tongs

If you don’t have any tongs already, here is a great set. I would recommend a set that is at least 12 inches long so you have plenty of space between you and that hot salt block. Induction cooking – Electric, Magnetic and Fantastic

We love induction cooking, especially when it’s low and slow like when you are preparing a chicken, beef stock that you want to cook the bones and the mirepoix for hours at a nice simmer. These are perfect cookers and very safe as the surface of the cooker only heats up the metal in the pan. Only pans that attack a magnet will work with the magnetic system in the cooker. Below is a disc you can use to get all of your other pans and pots to work. We have both and just love it. Max Burton 6500 ProChef 1800-Watt Commercial Induction Cooktop


Induction Cooking – Disc

This disc is a must for using non-ferrous pan/pots on your induction cooker.

Max Burton 6010 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk with Heat-Proof Handle


Instant Read Thermometer – Thermapen

This thermometer is awesome and really ‘instant’. Many instant reads take quite a while to rest on the actual temperature. The wandering time can be painful for you exposed hand and in some cases can be detrimental to the thermometer. This guy reads quickly is easy to hand and works wonderfully. The price is up there, but in this case you get what you pay for. This is a must in the professional kitchen and at home.


Etekcity® Non-Contact Infrared (IR) Thermometer ETC-8380

This is a great tool for the salt block. I’m not fond of the ‘hand-over-the-block’ technique for determining the salt block temperature.  What I do like is the immediate response from this infrared thermometer.  I can tell if my block is at the temp I want, when I want. I’ve had mine over a year and it has work great. These are very inexpensive at $17 on Amazon Prime, which means it’s that price with free shipping.  Of course it can used all over the house telling you the all sorts of temps. When not in use as block thermometer, mine is used as way to get the cat to run around chasing the laser light.

Oil Sprayer

These sprayers have been around for awhile but they sure are handy for a lot of things. Using one with the salt block makes getting oil on the surface a breeze. The pump action works great and of course supports a variety of oils. I’ve had the same one for years without any problems.


Cast Iron Propane Burner

This heavy duty burner is great for heating up your salt block. What’s great is that there is an additional burner that you can use to keep things warm, make a sauce and heat up other ingredients without having to use another heat source. This is what we use in the filming of the videos, as it is easy to setup/breakdown, clean and maintain. The price is right also.
Sportsman DBCIS Double Burner Outdoor Cast Iron Propane Stove


Balsamic Cream

This cream is used in several of the recipes here and I continual excited about the taste that it brings. It works great in plating as it is just thick enough and of course the flavor is fantastic when added to a variety of vegetables. It’s not a vinaigrette but a reduction or ‘glaze’ and so is full of flavor. Used as a garnish on your next dish or with asparagus or strawberries, you won’t be disappointed.


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